August 5, 2020
Creative Thinking and Precision

Recently I had the opportunity to finish masterminding with some birlliant individuals and was able to accumulate a handful ideas that I'm really excited to share.  During our session I had hoped to brainstorm some practical tid bits of ideas that can be practically applied to our everyday thinking.  Below are key quotes that I jotted down and elaborated on! So here are the three biggest ideas I'm excited to share that may jog your memory:  the disdain for approval, the parabola of learning, and the emphasis in ones' trek for accumulated answers.

"As long as it is contained and doesn’t hurt people, you should be able to experiment and have autonomy to think about what they are currently working on.”

The emphasis of not simply carrying out tasks during work but to elaborate on its utility in various of ways has become one of the most important intellectual tools this day.  If one thinks of technology this way in that it is a multifaceted tool then you can also begin to see how knowledge in abstraction, technique in sports, & even stories have unique angles given particular contexts.  To try to tinker with what you are working on already, helps to truly understand what one is working on.  Given more angles to experiment with your work, an individual can acquire a deeper understanding thus master and look to build on it.  

“It’s a parabola, it’s to a point where you’re learning and gaining creativity.  Defining your gaps in your skills, learning, fine tuning, peaking, and then meeting resistance & failure.”

If there is one thing that I want you to know it's that its necessary to see yourself as constantly in the works of this learning parobola.  You tack on new skills, master it, and finally you must apply it until you meet resistance & failure! Only then can you add to your arsenal and begin the process anew.  No matter what field you are in, its important to apply your knowledge skillfully so that you can determine where your underveloped parts are.  This works everywhere not just in your career but in personal development, in your relationships, in sports, and in any technical trade. Of course, one first must begin to apply their knowledge to begin to see where their next venture is.  

Finally, here's one last gem...

"You can do it from zero to one hundred. You need to ask the questions that give you answers but RESULTS too.  Why do people ask questions that in reality are already solved. I think people love to show off and look for validation...when you really don’t need it. It’s really upsetting how people baseline exist.  As in the answer will only go as far as your curiosity will take you."

Here I call this the "Trek of accumulated knowledge."  One thing for certain is the importance of asking precise questions.  One of my favorite quotes is "to ask the obvious, is the beginning of enlightenment" but one cannot remain asking the obvious. It has to yield practical answers that are useful and asking good questions can be quite engaging.  The accumulation of answers can give you more to work with moving towards your next big question.  

With all this my hopes is that this can be of practical knowledge to you.   It was traditionally a interview style but I had wound having to rehash this to appease those involved.  I would absolutely love to know more, and if anyone so be willing to offer any feedback , please come forth!

By Yours Truly,

Andrew Ocampos

Andrew Ocampos

Passionate Designer | People person | The one behind All dad jokes
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